Tranzform Migration Lab Environment

Migratio Lab

Tranzform has invested in a migration lab datacenter environment which contains infrastructure comprising multiple servers, networking, storage, software and clients from a variety of source environments including IBM Power AIX, Sun Microsystems Solaris, HPUX and other RISC, UNIX and some mainframe systems.

We also operate a superset of target IT infrastructure environments including x86 Linux based servers from multiple providers and IBM Power and Sun /Oracle SPARC systems.

How it works

Our customers provide us with an existing system image including access to original data or a subset of origiinal data. In cases of high levels of confidentiality or sensitivity. simulated data is created using the original data patterns, format and type. Tranzform will run the proof of concept in our laboratory by understanding the source environment fundamentals including latencies, numbers of users/stress, reliability, availability and serviceability requirements.

We will then migrate the application workloads and data to the target environment and bring it to the optimum level of performance that matches or exceeds the original performance and meets the agreed to target performance specifications.

Migration Lab Team

The migration lab is operated by experienced teams of operators and system administrators who understand UNIX, RISC based hardware and Linux and x86 based systems, as well as systems programmers and application programmers who can manually adjust or re-engineer applications and data being ported.

The Future

We are in the process of expanding the migration lab to include a greater variety of source environments and are exploring expanding geographically to be able to easily work across multiple geographies and enhance our powerful migration center of expertise.

Migration from UNIX to Linux