We help you migrate your data and applications from legacy systems like IBM Power AIX or IBM Mainframes to modern systems running Linux on x86 servers like HPE Superdome X. We also help migrate existing workloads reliably and economically to private, hybrid or public cloud.

Migration Process

AUTOMATE: We utilize proven software tools to migrate much of the data and application code automatically. Our experienced programmers will observe and test the migrated application and manually make the necessary adjustments to the code to complete the move.

ANALYZE: Our system programmers will understand your business needs and analyze and size the existing workloads, capacities, requirements and propose a target system that can meet that workload’s specific needs.

PILOT PROPOSAL: We will assess your business and workload needs and propose the best target environment for your needs whether the workload is batch or business processing or online transaction processing.

IMPLEMENT PILOT: We will implement the pilot and assess the results, providing you a detailed report which addresses areas such as performance, reliability, availability, serviceability, latency and a number of other criteria. Based on Total Cost of Ownership analysis you will be able to determine which option is best for you to proceed.

EXECUTE MIGRATION: Once approved, we will start the migration process and move your workload image to a running staged environment while keeping your existing workload intact and serving your existing needs, untouched. When systems and user testing has been completed, you can switch over from your live ‘old’ system to your live ‘new’ system. Safeguards such as backing up data changes and other application changes will be carefully implemented to reduce the risk of the migration.