Highgate Cyber Security Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Protect your corporate IT assets effectively

Today your business is run by your information systems. Any breach in your network can result in devastating consequences.

Our aim is to proactively assess, test and monitor security threats to your IT infrastructure so that you stay abreast of any vulnerabilities and can address them before they result in regret.

The team at Highgate Cyber Security Solutions has been in the business of security testing and protection for the last 20 years. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and actionable insights for our customers to reduce corporate risk.

Our founders helped develop security software in the late 1990’s and including our consultants have a collective 50+ years of experience in security software solutions protecting enterprise IT environments including web sites, web apps, mobile apps, networks and private, hybrid, public clouds, edge devices and more.

Why are we different?

We take your defense seriously

Highgate Cyber Security Solutions is different because

Many pen testers just use automated tests that fail to notice and tackle the nuances that only Highgate’s human intelligence, teamed with proprietary data analysis can recognize.

  1. We don’t just run a series of automated tests and scripts like many pen testing professionals do. We combine automated tests, utilizing common, publicly available tools and augmenting them with proprietary scripts and tools with human intelligence (HI) testing. HI testing catches the subtleties and nuances that automated and many AI tests cannot detect.
  2. Before we run any tests we use our proprietary data analytics to understand the highest risks for your specific business and prioritize those and “give them special human attention”.
  3. We have created AI based and big data based algorithms that analyze your environment more extensively than other security firms.
  4. We are able to not only offensively (black, grey, white box) test your environment but also help you design, redesign, retest, harden and even make virtually invisible your assets across the IT infrastructure spectrum (internal, CRM, ERP, database, apps, back end, to network, IoT, edge, customer facing web apps, mobile apps, AI, scientific, other workloads and parts of the ecosystem)